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test the water

We are not planning any test the water cycles in the very near future.

The 'test the water' cycles are designed as a stepping stone before committing to one of our £3000 cycles. It is slightly cheaper pro rata than a full cycle & is for new customers only. They are limited to one per new customer & are not renewable upon completion. Maximum 10 people per cycle.

The first test the water cycle started on April 27th 2013 and finished on 11th May after just 10 bets (average ttw cycle is predicted to take 45 bets in the long run). There were 4 winners and we comfortably surpassed the £825 target with a nice £1395 profit & 153% return on investment.

The second test the water cycle started on June 1st 2013 and finished after just 4 bets with an average stake of £93.75 and a final profit figure of £978.90 to prices recorded on the account and £1,095 to best prices available.

The 3rd test the water cycle started on the 10th August 2013 and finished on the 27th December after 31 bets, 8 winners and a final profit of £952 to account prices and £1398.50 to best prices.

The 4th test the water cycle started on the 16th September and finished on the 14th October after 25 bets, 4 winners and a final profit of £1,730 to account prices and £2,730 to best prices - Average advised stake was only £52.

COST £200 for £825 minimum profit (to advised stakes less than £100 average)

Test the water cycles are run in paralell to our standard cycles. Most bets will be the same as our other cycles, much depends on strength of markets and perceived value per bet at the time. We may utilise the better class handicaps and stronger markets for most bets. Any bets will be sent between 8.30am and 11:00am on a daily basis.


Email to reserve a place.


If you can't place bets with bookmakers then please do not apply.

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